Stephen Patterson Photography

Stephen Patterson


Stephen Scott Patterson began making color photographs of the landscape after acquiring his first 35 mm camera in 1983. He is mainly self-taught with the exception of having spent time with master color photographer Ernst Haas in 1985, who gave him tremendous encouragement; at this time he was carefully studying the work of painters as well as photographers, citing the impressionists and abstract expressionists as key inspirations for his photography.

Photographic quests have taken him to Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Galapagos Islands and Ecuador, The Canadian Rockies, Queen Charlotte Islands, and his throughout his home province of Nova Scotia.

Stephen was invited to present and lecture at the prestigious North American Nature Photographer’s Association conference (NANPA) 1997, in Corpus Christie, Texas, where his photography was praised by some of the world’s outstanding landscape photographers. 

Stephen has presented for both the Sierra Club and Audubon Society’s photographic chapters in New York City, and has assisted at the Freeman Patterson (no relation) and André Gallant workshops in New Brunswick.

Stephen has taught workshops in Nova Scotia, The Galapagos, United States, Queen Charlotte Islands and Australia.  Stephen’s teaching style is very dynamic, fun, and in depth.  He is fastidious about both the technical and artistic aspects of photography.  Visual design is one of Stephens’s greatest assets, and he is adept at teaching students to learn from his examples, while they refine their own artistic expression. Above all, his classes generate an atmosphere of enjoyment and enthusiasm; participants come away with a new perspective and enthusiasm for photography.  

Stephens’s musical background in classical guitar performance and composition has played an integral part in the development of his personal artistic expression. He is inspired by the work of painters of many styles. This has influenced his slide presentations, where at times he creates an impressionistic interplay of color, form, and texture through the blending of images and music.

He is a regular contributor to Photo Life Magazine and his photography is featured in the book “Canada, The Wild Places” Key Porter“, and “The Endangered Oceans”